Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Memories are made of this

I found that Dean Martin's recording of "Memories are Made of This" was the most popular song in January of 1956.  The music lends itself to honoring Don on his birthday!

Don will be remembered as the kid left behind when the rest of the family travelled to Illinois.  It doesn't appear that he was ever affected by abandonment issues.  This red dress picture was taken before we left in the 1951 Lincoln for a six-week vacation to visit Mom's relatives. I think Mom apologized to everyone she met telling them she left her six-month old baby at home in Cottonwood.  

Most of the old pictures of Don show him working - getting papers ready to deliver, chopping down trees in the orchard, or taking a break during the kitchen remodeling project.
 I'm still impressed by the work Don accomplishes.  He's helped on countless remodeling projects for the family, including the bathroom in my little house.  He spent hours building Christmas boxes, entertainment centers, fireplace mantels, shelves, and Grandfather clocks.  Recently he told me he spent 16 hours scanning in 1847 old photos so they can be digitally accessed by people like me!  Hooray!  I think his love for cameras and pictures began when he was in a high school journalism class.  Many of us still benefit from his love of pictures!

Don made all of us laugh by his stories when he was in high school.

It's rare to see him relaxing, but maybe he did more of that in 1973.  Love the long hair!

I spent some time looking at the Kopczynski history book that he and Joan published in 1992 - almost 20 years ago.  Remember that was way before the internet search engines and before we had scanners and the ability to digitally alter pictures!  I'm so grateful for that great gift of time and love!
It's been a joy to share my life with you!  Blessings and best wishes on your birthday!

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