Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day always evokes lots of emotion in my heart. The flowers, the flags, the old and the new tombstones reach in and tears start forming as I realize the sacrifice, the lives lived, the dreams never fulfilled.  Today brought lots of all that, but mostly joy as Larry, Connie, and I drove the long and scenic route to the Camas Prairie.   Larry promised us breakfast and sourdough pancakes at Peck, Idaho, so Connie and I were all in for the adventure and opportunity to spend time with him. He drove us up the hill where he'd purchased a piece of property years ago and planned to build a dream home out in the country.  Gratefully, now, he realizes that would've been a hardship on the family because of the distance to schools, ball games, and all other activities of a big family.

 This place served us a great breakfast and we enjoyed visiting with Teresa Carter, a woman who stayed in my AirBnb in November.  Once our tummies were full we drove toward Orofino and took a steep drive, 25 miles, up the hill to Nezperce.  Connie and I had never been on this road.

Here's the view of the Clearwater River from the top of the grade and one can see bits of Orofino and Greer grade in the distance.  
Lovely Blue wildflowers along the highway.

We made our first stop at the Greencreek Cemetery, lovingly cared for by local Greencreek retired farmers.  A new addition is a kiosk and row markers for all people buried in this cemetery.

I'm always grateful when flowers indicate lots of family members stopped by!
Father Ken Arnzen, a beloved priest had a sense of humor, preserved on his tombstone.  
The Cottonwood Cemetery, and this section in particular, a blaze with various shades of pink, Mom's favorite color.  Thank you to the angel who cleaned all the grass away from the concrete below the headstones.

We found all the Kopczynski graves, even the old ones!  
And those forgotten by most people.  I understand Lori Mader places a rose on all graves that have not been visited during the Memorial Day weekend.
We had an enjoyable visit with Ben Bross, Vince and Mary Lou Hattrup's grandson.  He filled us in on some extended family news along with Cheri Orr Seubert.

Larry delighted us with stories of haying the Bert Lute land and I loved this view, highlighted by the bright yellow canola field in the distance.

 We made one last stop at the Ferdinand cemetery, paying our respects to a former brother-in-law and family friends, Hubert and Clara Frei.

 The colors of the day and the conversations, filled with care and compassion, filled my heart today.
"Let us never forget."