Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mid-summer in Sandpoint

My friends, Kati and George, invited me to join them for a little adventure in Sandpoint, Idaho.  They'd been on a major road trip and the trip from Leavenworth to Sandpoint would put them in their hotel around 5 PM.  So, I rented a cute pink bicycle and rode around Sandpoint and SandCreek, taking the East-west Creekside route.  Lovely clouds danced in the sky and light breezes made little ripples in the water.  

Connie suggested that I have a meal at the historic Connie's Cafe! I enjoyed the short walk to the cafe, admiring all the lovely hanging baskets along the way.

George, Kati, and I boarded this lovely boat for a Full Moon Cruise on Lake Pend Orielle.  

The low clouds caused concern for some of the passengers, but our guide, Linda, felt quite certain that we'd eventually see the full moon.

The passengers waited patiently for the moon to rise above the clouds.  

The following morning we enjoyed a great breakfast at the Tango Cafe!  Took a few minutes to find it, but well worth the wait.  
We resisted the bakery goods, but enjoyed an awesome traditional breakfast.  Kati ordered Strawberries and cream waffles and we shared bites.  Do not leave Sandpoint ever again without having a meal at this lovely cafe, inside the Sandpoint Center Building.  
Thank you to my dear friends for including me in your road trip.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Susan Kuwana Wedding

Connie invited me to travel with her to Boise to attend her college friend, Susan's, wedding in Boise.  We marveled all the way about the gorgeous weather across the Camas Prairie, through McCall and then onto the Payette River Canyon.  Our native Idaho is the best place to live and enjoy, hands down!
A must stop in McCall - the Pancake House!  We enjoyed a nice lunch and the gorgeous flowers everywhere around the building.

Friday morning the Greenbelt trail along the Boise River beckoned us for a nice walk.  Bikers, walkers, roller blades and kayakers joined us on this gorgeous morning.  Experienced kayakers use the falls from this little dam to practice various river maneuvers!  Everything delighted our senses until we got hungry and headed back to the Riverside Hotel.

The hotel offered yellow city bikes for a free bike ride into the city.
 We rode almost to Broadway, stopping at the Boise Zoo and getting a glimpse of the giraffes who live there.

 Levi met us at Fork and we enjoyed a great lunch outdoors on 8th Street.
He told us all about the Boise scene - so many restaurants on 8th Street, within a short bike ride from his home.  He entertained us with stories of his cat, Alaska, and new brain books he's reading.

The outdoor courtyard at the Riverside provided a perfect place for the ceremony.  Sue's Mom escorted her and Sue's step Dad escorted Renate.

These lovely young cousins dropped petals and carried the rings.  
Connie got to be in the music group after practicing for only 20 minutes!  The songs reflected Susan's love for the Catholic music she played as a guitarist at St. Auggies all those years ago.  
 We met, Karen, Susan's godmother, who at one time lived in Delco, near the Kuwana family.  Susan converted to Catholicism when she was a teenager.  Connie sponsored Sue when she was confirmed at St. Auggie's during the U of I days.  We listened to lovely chamber music in this reception area before moving to a ballroom for a sit down dinner.  

Susan and her team of organizers provided such beauty, down to the lovely lettering on the name cards and gorgeous table settings.  
Love the pictures of these two college friends who have remained good friends for over 40 years.  Below is a picture of Sue's lovely Mom and her second husband.  Her father, Mas, died but was remembered in a large bouquet of white flowers.

Sue's Dad was Japanese and the wedding kimono, umbrellas, and many other symbols decorated the ballroom.  Even the colors and cloth held symbolic meanings.  The name Kuwana symbolizes the mulberry, a tree that is often used for special papers.  I think Sue made many of the 1,000 white origami cranes that hung from a black drape.

I felt all the love and joy present between this couple and their extended families.  I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to witness this lovely event.

Monday, July 4, 2016

God Bless America on Independence Day

My home,  honoring the flag!

I enjoyed watching this video of John Wayne and other performers sing God Bless America in 1970.   Why does this nostalgia brings tears to my eyes?  Maybe because so many people implore God to bless our great country.  

Many of my friends gathered for Mass at All Saints and then enjoyed a feast at Marcia's lovely home.
 Potluck meals are always the best - fresh cherries, homemade raspberry scones, Uniontown Sausage, Zucchini bread, and Mimosas!!!

We prayed before enjoying the meal:
God, source of all freedom, this day is bright with the memory of those who declared that life and liberty are your gift to every human being.

Help us to continue a good work begun long ago.

Make our vision clear and our will strong: that only in human solidarity will we find liberty, and justice only in the honor that belongs to every life on earth.

Turn our hearts toward the family of nations: to understand the ways of others, to offer friendship, and to find safety only in the common good of all.

Jack and Regina Sullivan
 Marv, Grace, Jim, and Charlene getting ready to enjoy the brunch.

Father Joe Schmidt, our beloved retired priest!

 Regina and Jody, Marcia's sister, brought scones and zucchini bread.
Grace and Mary Lou

Marv and Jan Schultz brought fresh cherries!
 Our wonderful hostess, Marcia, making sure everyone gets a little champagne.  Sadness permeated my heart when I noticed the for-sale sign at the bottom of her property.  Sad for me, but happy for her as she plans to be near her Pocatello children and grandchildren.

 At 4:30 we went to Pioneer Park and listened to our Community Band!

Our hearts are filled with gratitude this day for all our freedoms.
 We ask you to bless our country, troubled by poverty, wealth, and unrest.
 Yet we know you are with us,  and you are good and all powerful.
 Help us to focus today on the goodness we see all around us.

God Bless America!