Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mid-summer in Sandpoint

My friends, Kati and George, invited me to join them for a little adventure in Sandpoint, Idaho.  They'd been on a major road trip and the trip from Leavenworth to Sandpoint would put them in their hotel around 5 PM.  So, I rented a cute pink bicycle and rode around Sandpoint and SandCreek, taking the East-west Creekside route.  Lovely clouds danced in the sky and light breezes made little ripples in the water.  

Connie suggested that I have a meal at the historic Connie's Cafe! I enjoyed the short walk to the cafe, admiring all the lovely hanging baskets along the way.

George, Kati, and I boarded this lovely boat for a Full Moon Cruise on Lake Pend Orielle.  

The low clouds caused concern for some of the passengers, but our guide, Linda, felt quite certain that we'd eventually see the full moon.

The passengers waited patiently for the moon to rise above the clouds.  

The following morning we enjoyed a great breakfast at the Tango Cafe!  Took a few minutes to find it, but well worth the wait.  
We resisted the bakery goods, but enjoyed an awesome traditional breakfast.  Kati ordered Strawberries and cream waffles and we shared bites.  Do not leave Sandpoint ever again without having a meal at this lovely cafe, inside the Sandpoint Center Building.  
Thank you to my dear friends for including me in your road trip.

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