Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Duck Lake Hike

Ann Storrar, one of the LaTreks, rented a lovely cabin in McCall, and invited several of her friends to join her for a few days of friendship and hiking.  She lived in McCall for several years and hiked all over with her young family before she moved to Moscow.  The group hiked here last year in September and liked it so much we did it again!  When I look at the pictures I realize why it was so special.  It's rather short, but has stunning views and lots of wildflowers!

We considered going all the way to hum lake, but a gentleman riding a mountain bike suggested that we keep going at the lower elevation which eventually comes out at Warren Wagon Road.  We were quite happy to find these little gems along the way!

I ate most of the huckleberries I picked, but saved enough for a granola breakfast treat!

Love hiking with my sister, Karen and appreciating God's lovely creation.

The chipmunk and the wildflowers delighted us with unexpected beauty.   Looking up at the dead, burned trees almost made it seem like a winter scene.
Sharing stories with friends adds so much joy to the day!
Thank you Ann and your dog, Wags, for including us.  
 And Christine, for making us laugh.
And God, thank you for the magnificent creation!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Twin Lakes Hike

The second day of our adventure in McCall took us past Brundage Ski area, and Goose Lake to the Twin Lakes Hiking Trail.

The sign reminded us that we'd be sharing the Alpine like trail with cattle!
 I love the post fence
Our first encounter with a black cow

The hills were alive with wildflowers, including some late-blooming lupine.  Christine said this area is truly like the alpine areas in Switzerland.  
Just a little peace filled rest when we reached the first lake
Karen loves to celebrate her great life!

Sometimes there is a real advantage to bringing up the rear!

 We noticed the lake had been drawn down.  Ann believes water eventually makes its way down the hill to hydrate Boise residents.
This final picture was taken at Goose Lake.  We drove by it early in the day and the lake was calm and more serene.  By afternoon it was quite windy.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Joy at the Johnson Cabin

Karen invited her hiking friends to spend the afternoon at the Johnson cabin on Payette Lake.
Chris, Ann, Irene, and Christine

We enjoyed a leisurely afternoon watching the girls "swim" in the hot tub, pick daisies and entertaining each other.
Kennedy cutting the daisies and Taylor holding a big one!

 She picked enough so every adult and child had one!

Jennifer "Nooner's" Mom became the resident grandma sitter for her sweet grandchildren.  Of course those Johnson girls adore Karen and often called out to her throughout the afternoon

I watched Kennedy and Taylor swim in the lake.  They've both taken weekly survival swim lessons every week since they were 6 months old.  AnnMarie said, "it's finally paying off."  They can both swim on their little bellies and then flip over and swim on their back!

We did not leave until we enjoyed S'mores ala AnnMarie around the campfire.  We headed toward Ann's rented cabin and discussed where we would watch the meteor shower, settling on a very dark golf cart path.  Several flashed across the sky, but we were not willing to see the major light show between midnight and 2 AM.  We needed our rest for the big hike the next day to Duck Lake.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Biking the Hiawatha Trail, again!

 Colin, left is now 11; he was only 8 the first time we rode the trail in June, 2013.  He suffered no scrapes, but Grandma's little spill inside the dark and wet tunnel,  alarmed everyone!
Thank God only the left knee got bruised and no ankles were broken.

 Colin and his new mountain bike.  Duane told me they have a goal to ride the 76 mile Trail of the Coeur d'Alene sometime in the next year!

Selfies, new technology, not available in 2013

Duane takes such great pictures - most of these on this blog came from his camera or Anne's!

It was a long wait for the bus to haul us back up the hill.  I think we waited through five different buses, which are modified to haul the bikes and the bikers!

This time Colin stayed awake as we rode back up the hill.
 Oh, glorious Day!  Only in Idaho.....