Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Duck Lake Hike

Ann Storrar, one of the LaTreks, rented a lovely cabin in McCall, and invited several of her friends to join her for a few days of friendship and hiking.  She lived in McCall for several years and hiked all over with her young family before she moved to Moscow.  The group hiked here last year in September and liked it so much we did it again!  When I look at the pictures I realize why it was so special.  It's rather short, but has stunning views and lots of wildflowers!

We considered going all the way to hum lake, but a gentleman riding a mountain bike suggested that we keep going at the lower elevation which eventually comes out at Warren Wagon Road.  We were quite happy to find these little gems along the way!

I ate most of the huckleberries I picked, but saved enough for a granola breakfast treat!

Love hiking with my sister, Karen and appreciating God's lovely creation.

The chipmunk and the wildflowers delighted us with unexpected beauty.   Looking up at the dead, burned trees almost made it seem like a winter scene.
Sharing stories with friends adds so much joy to the day!
Thank you Ann and your dog, Wags, for including us.  
 And Christine, for making us laugh.
And God, thank you for the magnificent creation!

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