Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Friday, August 12, 2016

Twin Lakes Hike

The second day of our adventure in McCall took us past Brundage Ski area, and Goose Lake to the Twin Lakes Hiking Trail.

The sign reminded us that we'd be sharing the Alpine like trail with cattle!
 I love the post fence
Our first encounter with a black cow

The hills were alive with wildflowers, including some late-blooming lupine.  Christine said this area is truly like the alpine areas in Switzerland.  
Just a little peace filled rest when we reached the first lake
Karen loves to celebrate her great life!

Sometimes there is a real advantage to bringing up the rear!

 We noticed the lake had been drawn down.  Ann believes water eventually makes its way down the hill to hydrate Boise residents.
This final picture was taken at Goose Lake.  We drove by it early in the day and the lake was calm and more serene.  By afternoon it was quite windy.  

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