Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Anne

This is how Anne spent the night before her 44th birthday!
She and Duane dressed up as RUN-DMC for the St. Mary's School Auction.

They were chosen as finalists for the costume contest, but unfortunately the prizes were best costume for women and for men, not for couples, otherwise they would've won those cool 1980's posters.
In case you, like me, do not know about Run-DMC, here's a little video from YouTube:

Anne probably enjoyed a day of rest today, maybe watching movies with her girlfriends.  
This is what I love about my daughter in law:
She finds fun and crazy things to do
She loves my son and grand son
She includes me in cool celebrations, bike rides, and farm tours
She's good at social media
She loves MSC 
She enjoys children and brings joy into their lives
She encourages me to try new things
She loves the things I make for her
She loves parties and has no fear when 10 adults and 15 children show up
She values family and friends
Happy Birthday to my favorite daughter in law!

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