Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Colin Time

There's another joy to retirement - spending time with the grandkids.  Duane's job takes him out of town occasionally so Anne invited me to spend time with Colin while she spent time at the hairdressers.  She encouraged me to have Colin practice drumming for 15 minutes.  He spent at least 10 minutes getting everything set up - the earphones, the music stand, the lesson.  The teacher drew a few bars on music on a sticky note and then 100 bpm, 80 bpm, 120 pbm, etc.  One of Colin's excuses, "grandma, the metronome is upstairs."  He sent me on a wild goose chase and when I came back I heard the tick-ticking of the metronome!  He must have an app on his Ipad!  He seemed a little frustrated by my presence so I left the room and shortly I thought I could hear Duane's voice.  Sure enough, Colin had "face-timed" his Dad in Colorado!  I think the drum practice lasted about 30 minutes, with real drumming taking up less than 5 minutes.  Oh well!

The best Grandma moments came in the morning.  He told me he added another 30 minutes to his reading log before he went to sleep.  Then we looked at a spider plant close to the couch and discussed brown leaf edges and baby spider plants.  
The next day I get this sweet Email from Anne:
Colin told me that having his Gram sleep over and cuddling on the couch talking about spider plants (& spiders) was the highlight of his day.  I told him that I thought she felt the same way!  

We love you Gram Theresa (thanks for watching C while I got my hair 'trimmed')

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