Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Jack and Regina Sullivan

My friends, Jack and Regina, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary among dozens of friends, cousins, children and grandchildren.  We met the Sullivans shortly after both our families had moved to Clarkston, Washington, from California.  Al and Suzie Howell introduced us to each other at a Marriage Encounter gathering early in 1978.  Our families moved to Clarkston from California and Regina and I spent most of our time together complaining about living here and missing what we had in California.  We were so snooty that we drove to Spokane every 6 weeks for years just to get our hair cut!  We were blessed to be together for many outdoor activities, white water rafting, camping at Dworshak, and skiing in McCall.   We also went through the Civic Theatre phase that actually took a lot of our time for several years!
Your kids said you are role models for commitment, for caring, and unselfish devotion.  I am forever grateful for two invitations of caring that changed my life.  The first was your invitation to make a Cursillo weekend and the second was an invitation to be a part of your reunion group we now call 4th Day of Grace.  We share close moments, but also share a deep friendship that includes walking, talking, painting at the Inn, slumber parties at the cabin, drinking wine, beautifying downtown Lewiston, birthday celebrations, retirement gatherings, and LHS girls basketball games.

Regina can talk us into almost anything, including planting flowers to beautify Lewiston.

Jack and Regina, for 50 years learned it's better to be a team in facing life's challenges.  They've been role models for everyone who believes in eternal love and for those who trust that there really is a "one and only."  Yesterday Father Joe Schmidt helped them renew their marriage vows and it was a touching moment to watch the kids and grandkids bless them.

Kathy Helbling and Celia Weibler cut the cake

Karlee enjoyed a night away from LHS's basketball court
Regina got a little teary eyed listening to Father Joe, but the kiss took away all those tears!

Today we celebrated even more with Mass and Brunch prepared by the 4th Day of Grace.

Jack and Regina, thank you for all the unselfish giving to your family, your Cursillo friends, Marriage Encounter, Engaged Encounter, RCIA, Benedictine Oblates, LCSC, SJRMC, Holy Family School and Foundation, and our Catholic Community.  God bless you!

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