Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hiking on the Asotin Creek Trail

My sister, Karen, invited me to hike with a group of 14 women from Moscow today.  This hiking group gathers every Wednesday and plans a day hike, sometimes enjoying lunch at a restaurant or along the trail. I learned the informal group began in 1991 and many are committed to hike every week.

It was a warm day and we enjoyed listening to the water and searching for big horn sheep.  The area where we hiked is considered a critical watershed for steelhead.  The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife close the main road this time of year to protect Elk and Big Horn Sheep.  We'd hoped to spot one, but the only "animals" we saw were swarms of ladybugs.

I enjoyed being with my sister, meeting these wonderful women and stopping for lunch!  We found a great spot, lots of flat rocks and warm sunshine!

I felt like a kid when I said to Nancy on the way back, "when are we going to get back to the car?"  She encouraged me to keep going, "the last mile is the hardest and we all are getting tired."  Nancy is 76!  We entered the trail at 10:30 and came out at 3:07.  I don't know how many miles we walked, but I was really tired - a good tired, my lungs full of good, clean, country air!

I also enjoyed seeing the moss and lichens growing on the trees, just beautiful sights everywhere we looked!

         I think I have a lot to learn about hiking - where to hike, what to pack, how long to hike, when to stop and rest, and perhaps getting some poles for balance.

Thank you, lady hikers from Moscow, for including me in your outing today.  I hope I can join you again when you plan a trip to Lewiston.  Or maybe I'll take your suggestion and find a Lewiston group or start one!  Glorious Day!

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  1. Such a beautiful sharing of your lovely outing with the LaTreks. All the wonders and beauty you have shared are anything but trivial!! You have made me feel like I was on the trip with you. Love your descriptions. Thank you for sharing, Theresa. Enjoy it all and hope to see you soon on another Palouse LaTrek adventure!! :)