Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Jacob

Jake told me today he feels a year older!  But it seems like yesterday that he was born on a sunny day, mid afternoon, and soon greeted by his big sister, Bradleigh.

The family welcomed this screaming baby.  He was most comfortable lying on Dad's chest and never seemed comfortable in his bed.  We didn't know if it was Mom's milk or a burp needing to come out.  Everyone was happier in the summer when he became one big smile!

Jacob helped Grandpa Kopczynski celebrate his 90th birthday

This is birthday #1 - with his own cake and balloons.
There have been lots more birthdays - this is #4

Then Birthday #5

This is Birthday #9 - a new bike and longer hair!

Below is birthday #11
This year Jacob got mostly money for his birthday.  Except when he said, "I got the best gift from God on my birthday--lots of snow."

And now this year - #12

Happy Birthday Jacob and many, many more!

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