Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Gift

Grandma's New bike!

Bradleigh brought this bicycle to the O'Shaughnessy living room on Christmas Eve and I could hardly catch my breath when I learned that it was my Christmas gift.  It's a super lightweight, female Specialized Vita Bicycle!   I woke up on Christmas morning, feeling like a kid with a new toy, hoping the weather would cooperate so we could make the maiden journey.  Duane made a special trip back to O'Shaughnessy's to get the bicycle and when they were all loaded up Anne, Colin, Duane, and I made our way to the Southway Boat Ramp for a Christmas Day bike ride.  I could not believe how easy this bike is to pedal and how effortlessly it seems to change gears!  We were bundled up against the 20 degree cold and actually enjoyed the ride and the rest stop to throw a few rocks into the Snake River! 

This was my first bike ride since I broke my arm and I managed to do ok, so now that the rack is on my car once again I hope to enjoy several rides each week.  We are blessed with nice, sunny weather and it's exhilarating to ride along the river, watch the geese, and say hello to the brave fishermen. 

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