Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas with the Kopczynski's

How would a stranger know they were at a Kopczynski family home at Christmastime? There's lots of evidence in my opinion and recent experience.

We see the family photos.

We see people laughing and telling their goofy stories and sharing precious memories.

We see evidence of Christmas projects.

We bring out the Christmas boxes and display them in a prominent place.

We remember our sister, Mom, and Dad, who are now with us only in spirit.

Someone gets the BERTHA award. "Be Ever Ready To Help Anyone."

We ensure that sweet treats come first and making them together is a priority, now the 4th generation of cookie makers!

And we honor the real reason for the Season by attending Mass and/or putting up our own manger scenes. Larry donated the one below to St. Stan's.

I had the privilege of visiting three homes and one office of my siblings this Christmas season. Everywhere I went I saw evidence of "We are Kopczynski's." Don and Dena provided us with outstanding food, drink, and hospitality. We had time to share our memories and create new ones. I always enjoy visiting with the young people and this year Kaitlyn told me about her crocheting project for the Battered Women's Shelter at the local YWCA. She also delivered food and gifts to an underprivileged family with 10 children before Christmas. I learned that young people are not so focused on themselves, but truly concerned about others! Marilyn's home shows Christmas everywhere and a gorgeous tree filled with 40 years of collected ornaments. As if it's not enough Marilyn and I stopped at Mel's and bought some new things for her fireplace mantel for next year! Connie's tree is filled with homemade ornaments - lots of them made by Carole and her kids. I did some training at Larry's office this week to learn how to be an office assistant (on call) for Edward Jones. His foyer is filled with Kopczynski memorabilia, including the wall hanging and Christmas box. One of his clients admired the box over and over again. I'm filled with gratitude this morning for the old memories and new ones created this year!

Here's a prayer for the New Year:
A new year stands on my doorstep.
with fragile caution I move
to open the door for its entrance.
My heart leaps with surprise,
joy jumps in my eyes,
for there beside this brand-new year
stands my God with outstretched hand!
He smiles and gently asks of me:
can we walk this year together?

And I, so overwhelmed with goodness,
can barely whisper my reply:

Welcome In!!!
Thank you to all of you for blessing my last year and walking with me into the New Year.

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