Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Friday, February 1, 2013

Spring in February

It was a bright, sunny day in Lewiston on the first day of February.  Unusually warm weather that brightened my spirits and everyone I met on the levee during an early afternoon bike ride.  Fifty degrees in the shade at my house - I think it got up to 54 today.

Marcia, Regina, and I usually  walk at 6:30 AM and it seems like we've been the only braves souls on the levee, but today I met several fellow walkers who were out enjoying the sunshine.  I've missed my unnamed walking friends and felt relieved when I saw them today, knowing they were ok and maybe a little smarter than those of us who brave the dark and cold mornings.  By the time I got back home I'd taken off my scarf, gloves, and sweatshirt it was so warm.

I decided it was time to take down the Christmas garland around my front window.  With spring approaching it looks a little out of place!  The garland is gone, but I just could not take down the planter with the red-twig dogwood.  It'll probably stay there until I can plant some pansies in the planter box.

As I walked around the yard, I noticed lots of spring bulbs poking their heads through the warm soil.  I'll welcome the blooms, but honestly I'm not ready for the yard work just yet.  It's been such a mild winter the leaves on the rose bushes are still green!  While putting the ladder up to take down the garland I stepped on the bleeding heart plant also poking through the ground.  I also noticed buds on the hydrangeas so it's time to get rid of the dried blooms from last summer.  Suddenly there's a lot to do outside - a little overwhelming for me today so after I put everything away I took a little nap!

Tomorrow I'm going to Hays and buy some more of these happy little primrose plants.  Just another reminder that spring is on its way!!!

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