Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Family Promise Chocolate and Jazz

I attended a lovely fund-raising event for Family Promise last evening.  A great combination of homemade chocolate desserts and local jazz made the evening most enjoyable.  The organizers set up for 300 people and were delighted when over 320 showed up!

Family Promise of Lewis Clark Valley is a non-profit organization that partners together with local agencies and our faith community to provide positive solutions to families in crisis. Since August 2008, the members of our network have offered shelter and meals to families in crisis. For our guest families, Family Promise of Lewis Clark Valley is a way station of support and companionship on their journey toward self-sufficiency and independence. For our volunteers it is an opportunity to serve and to achieve a better understanding of poverty and homelessness.  Steve Thomas, Executive Director, reported that fourteen families had been served in 2012.  These families stay overnight in eleven churches in our valley and spend their days at the Day Center.  I've been honored to help prepare meals for families when they spend the night at the Trinity Lutheran Church, just a block away from my home.  The kids do homework and moms or dads visit with volunteer hosts.  One time I helped a young woman who was learning to knit.  These families overcome incredible hardships and I'm always inspired by their stories.  I couldn't be happier that this event was a huge success.

In addition to the music and great chocolate I enjoyed visiting with these lovely friends.

Sister Kim Marie and Sister Margie Schmidt 

Kathy and Tom Cahill

Jean Altmiller and Dan Johnson

Members of Lewiston High School's jazz band and choir opened the evening with several numbers they are planning to perform at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival at the University of Idaho in two weeks.  My nephew, Kole, played the drums and looked so handsome in his black shirt and red tie.  His buddies, Cody and Thomas, played the bass and piano respectively.  I did not get close enough for a picture of them, but did get a picture of the Kopczynski family!

This sweet family shows up for every kid event

The LCSC jazz band played several numbers.  It really could've been called the Gemberling Show.  Gary, the high school music teacher, and his wife Kathleen, performed with the band.  Gary's sense of humor delighted the audience when he introduced the band.  "We are all auditing classes at the college."  That's because the band is made up of high school students and community members who just love jazz!  Thank you to all the volunteers and musicians who made this event an evening to remember.

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