Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dan and Jim's Birthday Celebration

Jean, Marcia, and I are fast friends that get together every Sunday night for wine, stories, and words of encouragement and support.   We know this about each other - Jean loves to organize parties, Marcia has the perfect home for such events, and I love to cook and bake.  So, we were up for a big celebration on Sunday to honor the birthdays of Dan and Jim.  We had to have brunch so our guests could get on to the various Super Bowl parties around town.  We were welcomed by signs of spring in Marcia's lovely home.

Jean insisted that the food served include Dan's favorite dessert, cherry pie!  So, we chose Kathy Cahill's Lemon Meringue as Jim's favorite.  Jody made a pecan pie just to give us more choices!

We enjoyed  breakfast casseroles, citrus fruit salad, artisan bread, mimosas and the delicious homemade pies.

Happy guests included:

Grace and Cecilia
Mary Ellen, Dan, and Doug Black
Tom and Kathy Cahill
Monica Lawrence and Steve Lee

Jean and Kathy
Tom Callery and Dan
Eric and Marian Peterson

 Dan and Jim were presented with poster sized pictures, signed on the back by all guests.

Dan's explanations of the moss mustache.  

I noticed a lot of tender touches between Dan and Jean who plan to marry on September 7th.

I noticed Jim, always a quiet presence, enjoying all his birthday cards and special attention this day.

Happy Birthday!  Thank you Jean for the opportunity to celebrate with these great men!

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