Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Surprises

Valentine's Day is one of the favorite holidays celebrated at Juniper Meadows.   The residents stuffed the ballot box all week, voting for their favorite King and Queen and sweetheart couple.  Prior to the announcement the Golden Voices from LHS showed up in the dining room and serenaded two of our residents.  The teenagers looked stunning in their tuxedos and formal dresses!

 The sweetheart couple
Love still blooms for this couple married over 50 years!
These balloons and hershey candy bar welcomed me home from work today.  No one ever surprised me with a balloon bouquet on Valentine's Day.  I was quite sure Bradleigh had delivered them, but there's more to this story...
Last Thursday's paper advertised: While roses, chocolates and cards are the lingua franca of Valentine's Day they aren't the only language of love. Here are five local ways to mark the holiday, whether you like it or not. "It is a real hoot to deliver these singing valentines; they make people so happy and we have a lot of fun," says Paul Hill, a member of the barbershop quartet Four Names in a Hat.
Jim made arrangements for them to sing for Marcia on Valentine's Day.  Ed Novak, Paul Hill, Orrin Iseminger, and Doug Ashburn crooned while Marcia reacted with joy!
She thought they were going out to dinner, but Jim insisted he'd forgotten his wallet as a way to get her back home.  Not only was she surprised by the lovely songs, but her friends were hiding behind the piano and got to enjoy the music and her surprise as well.

Joan, Regina, Jean, Marcia, MaryLou, and Cecilia

These guys were on a tight schedule, but paused long enough for a great picture.  
Notice the balloons I thought were for me?  Wrong!!  They were to be a part of the surprise...Jim just failed to call me when he left them on my back porch.  
We ended the evening at Marcia's drinking a little wine and enjoying this lovely cake.
These are my surprises  - a lovely card from my sister, Joan, and a handmade heart from Colin.
More valuable than all the chocolate or romantic songs in the world!
Now I need some people to help eat all those M&M's!

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