Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Colin's Sick Day

The Wessels are preparing for a vacation/business trip to Orlando, FL, so Anne decided that Colin should stay home from school on Wednesday.  Being semi-reitred I told her I would stay with him until she got home from her teaching responsibilities at MCS.

He wasn't too sick to sprinkle colored sugars on the Valentine Cookies I'd baked earlier in the week.
Anne gave directions for the day, "You can have 30 minutes of computer time, but then you need to practice the piano, play games, or read Harry Potter."  It helps to set the kitchen timer.  He tried to teach me to use the Wii for an Indiana Jones adventure game.  I'm helpless because I can't remember which button is A or B or Z or how to move "my man."  Even Mario Bros. presents quite a challenge for me.

So, Colin, sat at the piano for at least 30 minutes.  Once we got Odie out of the way he concentrated on his lesson for the week and played "When I Jump Out of Bed" for me.  Two little videos show off his musical abilities.  It's such a challenge to get an eight-year-old to practice, but I give him lots of praise and encouragement.  Who knows?  Someday he might be a great musician as well as a scientist!

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