Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Anne's Birthday

Duane and Colin began a Birthday Vigil celebration.  They told her to sit downstairs and catch up on taped TV shows and they would not bother her.  They'd baked a cake with no sugar and presented it to her during her special time out.

After the surprise they began making the real birthday cake to be presented on her real birthday.

Duane put one cake mix into each pan and the batter sort of bubbled over onto into the oven causing a little smoke in the house for awhile.  Yellow cake is her favorite so any imperfections were covered up with chocolate frosting! Notice Duane's cap - a friend sent it to him - I think DW is a music group of some kind..

We enjoyed a nice dinner at a new restaurant in Moscow called Mugnaini.  They serve traditional Italian pizza and wine, with dinner, in small glasses.  Duane and Colin surprised her with a box filled with ear buds.  She had to borrow Bradleigh's on our trip back from Disneyland.  Apparently she can never find her ear buds when she needs them so this gift will ensure she always has enough.

Happy Birthday Anne!

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