Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Prayer Shawl for Grace Church

My dear friend, Grace Church, has suffered from heart disease for years.  One would never know it by all the things she does or all the meetings she attends.  She's been on St. Stan's liturgy committee for years, leading the music ministry.  Her calendar has no white spaces - every day is filled with events, duties, or birthdays.  The doctor's recently discovered that her tiredness and shortness of breath might not be related to her pacemaker.  Instead, they scheduled her for stent placement surgery on April 3rd in Spokane.  Our 4th Day group wanted her to feel loved and prayed for during this procedure so we wrapped her in  "prayer stitches" last Sunday.   We prayed that she'd be cradled in hope and wrapped in love.  We wanted the shawl to be a reminder of our prayers and continued support.
Barbara Fairley, Cecilia's sister,  knit this variegated purple shawl and Grace immediately wrapped it around herself.  She has a way of making us laugh and Sunday was no different.  She said, "I get so cold sometimes, I'm walking around this house with two scarves on, a jacket and sometimes a sweater.  Now, I'll be warm and beautiful!"  I'm happy to report that her stent placement was successful and she was so grateful because that  artery was 90% blocked!  This week we've offered prayers of thanksgiving for God's generous healing of our "Rock."

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