Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Regina April 13

We celebrated Regina's birthday today with what we do best at this age:  Eat, pray, laugh!

Theresa and Kathy prepared the celebratory food, Mary Lou hosted the gathering, and everyone brought a funny card.  Regina chose Holy Family School's scholarship fund as her charity of choice.  She and Jack often spend time at the school, supervising the playground, reading with second graders, or painting the hallways.  We all enjoyed Regina's stories about her recent trip to Hawaii with her grandchildren, Karlee, Lynzee, and Blake.  She also enjoyed some special time with her siblings who live in Hawaii.

Regina and I have been walking partners for over twelve years.  We started walking up and down 6th Street in Clarkston when we both lived on Chestnut Street.  I worried after I moved to Lewiston that we might not get to spend our mornings together.  Regina insisted we continue our walks - one week around my neighborhood and the next week around hers.   Several years ago Marcia joined us and now we walk along the Lewiston Levee.  Regina inspires me with her energy and enthusiasm for life!  She knows how to make every event full of fun.   Many local organizations and friends benefit from her generosity.  She loves to cook and share her culinary treats with her family and friends.  I'm grateful for those special times sitting on her deck drinking coffee or sharing a glass of wine.  

     May the real gifts of this birthday be the blessing
     of a long life and good health, the feasting and
     fun of our coming together and the love we all
     have for you.  Happy Birthday, Regina, and may
     God bless you today and all the days of your life.

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