Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Joan

It's been 58 years!!  Don't know why I can't remember the events surrounding your birth day.   But maybe I was busy with four young siblings - you were the sixth child and I wasn't even eight years old.  I was as old as Colin is now and had five younger siblings!  How did Mom and Dad manage???

Looking through my albums, this is the youngest picture of you I could find....


Pictures were rare in those days - at least for our family.  My albums are full of marginal images, but mom seemed to treasure each one.

Here's a classic picture from 1956 when we were visiting the Hoene's in Illinois - you were 2 years old.

You've managed to live the single life for all of your 58 years, but I've wondered sometimes if you wished you'd had children.  Jake was just two years old when the two of you picked dandelions in Mom and Dad's yard and blew the seeds to the wind!

I'm so glad we went to visit Uncle John about this time last year.  Remember how we would sing to us?    I remember you telling me about your phone calls to him.  I know you were always concerned about his health, yet you honored his desire to stay at home, when most of the Kopczynski's wanted him to move to Assisted Living.  

And look at this sweetheart - can't remember her name, but we brought her some Halloween Candy when she lived at St. Joseph's Care Center.  

I like to imagine listening to the radio and 1954 and hearing one of the most popular songs sung by Kitty Kallen.

These are the little things that mean a lot....

Taking care of Bill's dog
Visiting your friends in the nursing homes
Calling Uncle John every week
Appreciating the hugs of my grandchildren
Taking care of your life by riding the bus to work
Sending me a Valentine Card every year (it's the only one I get)
Sending Colin a card for Easter
Taking Aunt Maxine to lunch every month
Bringing my favorite wine to Easter dinner
Sharing your feelings of gratitude for the card Larry sent for your birthday
Calling just to chat...


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