Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

The Easter Sunday celebration had its share of chocolate candy, plastic eggs, grandma's cookies and orange rolls, but the real celebration revolved around introducing Odie to the extended family.  Anne, Duane, and Colin recently adopted Odie.  Colin got to choose the name and because he's reading a lot of Garfield comics these days, Odie seemed like the logical choice.
The owners told Anne Odie was about seven moths old.  When she took him to the vet, she found out he's probably about four months old.  He's part chihuahua and part terrier.  The family hopes he doesn't get much bigger than he is now.  He's shy around strangers and is getting better with the puppy training activities.  He loves to play with Poka, their cat, but the cat doesn't  give him the time of day.  When Anne was in Ohio, I learned I'm probably better at watching Colin than I am caring for a puppy.  He got away from me on one of our walks and I was worried he might just keep running!  Ah Freedom!!

Boomer and Odie meet each other for the first time.
The day was warm and sunny and we were able to let Odie just run around the back yard.  He has to be on a leash at home because that yard does not have a fence!  Boomer basically ignored him.  But, Odie soon warmed up to Jacob and Bradleigh.
Even Joan enjoyed the dog cuddles!

Bradleigh and Odie

Karen was on call, still working at St. Joe's, so John showed up with Jacob only.  Apparently he gave Bradleigh lots of time to get ready and when she wasn't he left home without her.  I was ready to get in my car and go get her, when she showed up in her car!  Now, she's been driving, with an adult since last August.  She doesn't officially have a license to drive by herself, so I breathed a prayer of gratitude that she made it over here without incident.  Then I heard Duane, Karen, and John telling each other their stories of illegal driving.  Duane had a lawn mowing job when he was 14 and he drove our old Datsun pickup around the Clarkston Heights - gratefully without incident!

The boys gave this grandma the gift of a picture, this year - with the dogs!!

 We were pretty full of ham and cheesy potatoes so we hopped in the car and enjoyed a walk along the levee while Duane and Colin rode their bikes.  At the end of the day I agreed with the Easter Psalm response:  This the the day the Lord has Made, Let us Rejoice and Be Glad!  Alleluia!!

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