Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Saturday, April 21, 2012

African Violets

Each one of my African violets has new blooms!  These poor plants were almost dead after Christmas.  I always make room for Christmas decorations in December and the violets get banished to a corner in my bedroom.  I honestly didn't have much hope that they would survive, but look at them now!  They are blooming along with most trees and plants in my yard.  Maybe it's the spring sun that comes in each window.  I'm amazed at how more light affects the growth of the violets - not much different than the way the longer days affect my mood!  There's a story behind the pink violets.  The one on the left came from Peggy Dorf - I've written about it before.  Peggy rescued the violet from the garage when we were cleaning out Mom's house.  She's made lots of new plants from the original and now one of them is showing new life once again.  The pink one on the right is a descendant of a violet given to me almost 30 years ago by a woman I visited as part of our Parish Renewal outreach program.   I can't remember the woman's name, but do remember visiting her and her invalid husband in a trailer down on Fair Street in Clarkston.  She gave me a violet plant that I've treasured for years.  I've propagated lots of new plants from her first gift and the one in the picture actually came from my friend Maxine Hoene.  I think all those that were entrusted to my care died, but at some point I gave Maxine one of the "babies" and she, in turn, gave me another generation plant.  The gift of this woman continues to live on and reminds me that one never knows how a simple gift might affect others - even 30 years later!

Here's a few early morning views of blooms in my yard - the bleeding heart and forget me nots remind me of Mom.  The little blue plants abound in the space dedicated to my Mom!    Soon the dogwoods will be in full bloom, but that's another story....

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