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Summer Hiking
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Colin's First Communion

Colin received Jesus into his heart for the first time today.  He, along with Duane and Anne, prepared for this day all year long with 17 other second graders at St. Mary's Parish in Moscow.  Sister Margaret, the principal of St. Mary's School, got involved with the preparation and insisted on family retreats and lots of practices.  The entire parish makes this celebration special by allowing each communicant to have their own pew, which is saved for their family.  I was honored to help Colin with his pew banner last week.
He was the lucky winner of one of the first pews so we all got to sit in front today.  I got all emotional as I watched these sweet children file into the church, hands folded, reverent, anticipating what was to come.  At the practice last Tuesday the kids were kinda wiggly, but today they were perfect.  It's the best age to receive Jesus - when you are seven you are filled with trust, you follow directions, you can sit still, and you are delighted to participate as a reader, greeter, usher, and choir member.  Colin helped with the offertory collection.  Sister Margaret insisted that there be no photography during the liturgy so the pictures are either before or after mass.

Grandpa Roy, Colin, and Grandma Theresa
Godparents Aunt Marilyn and Uncle John
Dad, Colin, Mom and Odie

The choir sang "Song of the Body of Christ" one of my favorite songs revealing that we all come to share our story, break bread, and know our rising from the dead.

Reflecting on Colin's special day made me think of my own First Communion and how my parents made it a special celebration.  I know it was a special occasion because the camera came out!  
Dad, Mom, Theresa, Godparents Jo & Ben Engel
We need to continue to share the story of Colin's First Communion - how Jordynn, Colin's neighbor, just showed up at Mass, how the two boys acting as greeters had a little disagreement before they read the welcome, how Deacon George told the story of the Good Shepherd with a Beanie Baby lamb, how Anne and Duane's friends, Eric & Amy, Char, and Francie and their children showed their support by attending Mass, how God blessed Karen with pneumonia so she could join us instead of being on call,
how Grandma Theresa got all chocked up being honored to give Colin and his classmates the Blood of Christ, and how Colin, filled with the love of Jesus, endured the family photo shoots.   Borrowing words from the song, I pray that Colin will find ways to heal the broken, to be hope for the poor and find ways to feed the hungry.  
St. Mary's First Communion Class of 2012
Colin, the love of Jesus, is a little like the kisses that Odie gives you - Unconditional!

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