Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

David and Tai's Wedding Shower

Dena decorated the house, the yard, the tables, the window sills!  Every flat space had a gorgeous bouquet of flowers!  

The iffy June weather didn't phase us one bit.  The warm sunshine enhanced all the warm and love floating from the upper deck to the lower tent.  

I love being with young people!  My nieces and nephews are the best..they smile a lot, giggle a little, and give the best hugs in the world.  And, they've traveled all over the continent, so I listen in and feel like I've been around the world.

Shea (sister), Tai, and Kyra (soon to be sister in law)!  All Gorgeous!

Here's a picture of my favorite   -  Tai and Dave are both WSU Grads - what a perfect gift.

The Caterer labelled every cracker and plate of yummy food!
Anne won a prize for having the most items on this list in her purse!  We played another game that helped us get to know Tai!  She and Dave met at a frat party at WSU.  

This lovely cookie jar gets passed around to each new bride.  Krya and Brad enjoyed it for years and now Joe and Jill relinquished the gift so it can be the center of attention on Tai's kitchen counter.  

My sister, Joan, gave her the Shark.  Tai had just told us about their new home and 2000 sq ft of hardwood floors.  She said, "We'll definitely be using this gift and soon!"
Aunt Frances and Uncle Larry.  

Pictures of lovely guests

 Mom-to-be, Jamie, expecting her third son in August.

Anne expressing best wishes....

Kaitlyn and Frances found the perfect "words" for the picture.

 Tai's step mom, Betty
And Betty's friend who looks like her sister!

The groom showed up as soon as all the gifts were opened!  He'd been at a Leadership Conference all day...just a step away from earning his Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga.
This little sweet heart - Tai's niece will be the flower girl at the wedding.  She loved the fuzzy puppy purse and tried to get the puppy face in front of the camera.

It's almost impossible to get away from a Kopczynski celebration without a group picture.  Larry took this one of all the beautiful women who attended.  I'm grateful to Dena and Shea for gathering us together so we could meet Tai's family.  I don't know how her mom, cousin, and sister escaped the picture.  I left the shower feeling grateful for the gift of family and confident David and Tai are in for a long married life because of their extended family support.

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