Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Don and Charlene Bunch Day

My oblate friend, Charlene Bunch, slipped on wet grass recently, and broke her right ankle.  Her husband, Don, has his own health issues and Charlene's accident put them in quite a predicament because neither can drive a car right now.   Charlene has another three weeks of non-weight bearing status and some anxiety about being ready for a visit from the kids in a few days.

We Oblate sisters are always up for a get away so we roped some husbands into driving up into the hills above Lenore with us today.  When we told Charlene we were coming out to visit and bringing lunch she asked if we might spend a little time weeding her garden.  Don and Charlene have an enormous garden and although, I didn't get a before picture, I understand no black dirt could be seen for the invasion of pigweed.  It's some nasty stuff and I tried to dig it out around the stalks of corn.... it was everywhere!

The expert gardeners got busy and had the compost bin full of weeds by noon.  Gratefully the temperature was ten degrees cooler than Lewiston!

Regina raked up the pig weed and Kathy got lost in the asparagus patch!

This woman is gorgeous even after spending hours in the garden!

Not so sure about Tom and Jack

Look at those dirty knees!  Getting rid of the pigweed meant crawling in the dirt attacking the darn things by hand!  Our bounty for the day - each of us had a bag of new red potatoes to take home with us!
We can't have a work party without a home made meal - fresh nectarines, Costco chicken, Couscous Vegetable Salad, fresh lettuce from Charlene's garden, and raspberry-apricot bars.  Yummy!
Kathy brought fresh raspberries from her garden for our dessert.

 Charlene and Don have lived with this beautiful view for 30 years!
The old lambing Shed

The Work Crew!  It's what retirement is all about.  God blessed our day and each other.

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  1. There are no words to describe the deep gratitude and love that we have for all of you and what you have done. Thank you so much! May God return blessings to you a hundred-fold!
    Charlene and Don