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Summer Hiking
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Colin's Mini-Donut Day at Moscow Farmer's Market

The organizers of Moscow's popular Saturday Farmer's Market opened some space for children to sell their crafts, food, and plants this year.  Anne helped Colin do the research and determine all the items he would need to have a successful day selling mini donuts.  My sister, Marilyn,  passed this yard sale donut maker on to him earlier this year and he figured out a process that would work.  Colin and I practiced at home and decided that a variety would be nice - some with cinnamon-sugar, and some with frosting and sprinkles.  I also made some mini maple bars to give the customers some variety.

Colin determined that two people could walk two blocks to Duane's office and make fresh donuts every hour or so.  We used a white cake mix, which made about 50 little donuts.  Anne stayed back and helped Colin at the booth in front of the Breakfast Club (which was the Knobby Inn for years where my sister Carole worked).  We used walkie talkies to communicate with each other!
 It was a lot of work to get everything set up and ready for customers by 8 AM.
 Other kids were selling jewelry
And a whole family made rubber band bracelets to sell.

Colin made the decision to sell the donuts or mini maple bars for 30 cents each, a dozen for $3.00.  He figured out all the math did a great job making change.  He had to take $5.00 out of his profits to pay for the table space.

Our little table was right next to the Aichele Farms, Hermiston, Oregon, table selling berries.  They had long lines all morning and sold out all their berries by noon.  I bought some raspberries and they are  so good, especially with a little ice cream!
I'm a proud grandma!  Proud of Colin's entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to sit patiently waiting for customers and then greeting them and making the right change.  I'm also grateful to sensitive adults who stopped by and engaged in conversation with us.  One gentleman asked Colin how he planned to spend the profits and Colin told him he was saving for his own computer and the man handed him a $5 bill.  Priceless!

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