Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day on the Coeur d'Alene Bike Trail

Colin had a special surprise for Duane and I got to watch him open it.  He'd typed a personal note on the computer, printed it, and pretended he was going to send it to Aunt Joan just to add to the drama.

  He wrote several sentences about why his Dad is so special.  And then Colin mentioned that Duane's real Father's Day gift was in the garage....
The Mini-Cooper cannot haul four bikes so we packed them in the back of the truck that has been banned to the side driveway!

Clouds threatened to make our bike ride to Harrison miserable.  I certainly wasted a good worry.  We all dressed in layers and actually the temperature was perfect.  Anne planned the day to give Colin and Duane some special time together.

The first time (August, 2011) we all rode this trail we packed a picnic lunch and stopped lots of times so Colin could rest.
Three years later the ride seemed so much easier.  We rode from Heyburn State Park to Harrison in less than an hour - just in time  lunch.

We enjoyed a nice lunch and some tangerine beer!  Colin and Duane played Darts while we waited for our meal to be prepared.

I watched, with amazement, as Colin played as if he'd been playing for years.  Only a few broken tips!

Our big reward came at the ice cream store - yummy flavors and great service.  We'll definitely be back.
I couldn't resist taking pictures of the flowers surrounding the city park.
And some blooming  wildflowers on the trail.
I love the blue Bachelor Buttons!
Probably the best Father's Day ever!  

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