Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Mary Lou's Birthday Celebration

My 4th Day Reunion Group honored Mary Lou on her 75th birthday.  We invited guests from her book club, her Oblate Group, her neighborhood, her former co-workers, and of course all of us in her prayer group!

Mary Lou enjoying a morning Mimosa.  

Marcia loves to decorate her home with gorgeous bouquets of flowers
Regina drove to Pullman and picked a bouquet of Peonies
Of course, we all prepared wonderful food!
Kathy added a bouquet of lavender to the card bowl.  We offered this prayer as we gathered to celebrate:

Lord of Life,
as we celebrate this traditional feast
in honor of the day when Mary Lou
was Your gift to her parents and to the world
we ask of you a blessing.

Bless Mary Lou and each of us with wisdom.
Make us younger on each birthday
Awaken within us the child
who is so often asleep
Open our eyes to wonder and awe;
delight our hearts with amazement and playfulness.

 Colorful Cindy and Jackie
Kathy and Mary Lou's sister in law, Karen
Our guest of honor with dear friends Liz and Betty
 Guests visited around an inside table - Jack, Jim, Don, Charlene, Grace, and Pat.  We were overjoyed to see Don and Charlene because Don's had some health problems recently. 
 And out on the deck - Kerry, Betty, Kathy, Tom, and Mary Lou's brother, Bill, who drove all the way from Bonner's Ferry to celebrate with us.  
Karen, Mary Lou, Anita, Kathy, Liz, and Christine

One final picture of the last of us to leave.
I've already received a lovely thank you note which read in part,

Thank you...the praying together just warmed my heart
and made me so grateful for such wonderful friends.

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