Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving, 2013

My kids informed early in November that they'd both be traveling to Boise to be with their Dad for Thanksgiving.  The news brought a little anxiety to my peaceful heart because I'd never been without one of them on this traditional family day.  I soon discovered that most of my brothers and sisters would be enjoying the week with their families in a variety of places, far from home.
Connie and Garry made their annual visit to the Oregon Coast
Karen joined Zeke,  AnnMarie, Kennedy, Taylor, and Johnson friends in Jamaica
Where there is warm water, Karen will get in!
Don and Dena enjoyed a week in Hawaii with their children and grandchildren.
Thanks to this group of social media experts, I enjoyed their days via Facebook.
How many families have the perfect number of children, spouses, boy and girls friends for a pyramid?
Marilyn and Dan got some special time with Carter in Seattle.

I jumped for joy when Larry invited me to spend the day with Holly, the kids, and Grandpa Bob.  I realized how healing it must've been for them to reach out since holidays are painful without Holly's mom, Margie.  And, God, blessed our region with good weather, so Joan was able to make the trip to Lewiston, despite a few miles of intense fog!  
We started our day by visiting the Festival of Trees!
Maureen, we took this picture for you, just in case you'd like to have an M&M tree someday!

We so enjoyed our visit with the Kop kids, Bree, Jordan, and Grandpa Bob.  Joan engaged him in conversation about his family history and Larry brought out a Goodall history book for us to look through.  Kyle and Kole chatted with us about dogs, vitamins, healthy foods, and music!  Kole's senior project involves electronic music.  We got a great tour of his room and the history behind all the guitars.

It looks like a simple device with lots of buttons on it, but I think it's a complicated electronic music machine.  Kole intends to use it as part of his senior project.
Kyle and his girlfriend, Bree, told us all about healthy dog food and healthy people food.  Joan did not recognize Kyle's dog, Rocco, who has lost 30 pounds!  Kyle and Bree take him for long walks and ensure portion control for all his meals.  The kids shared their gratitude, in prayer form, and I loved the way they prayed for Katilyn, who is absent this Thanksgiving, and for Kyle, because he was present this year.  We outsiders, Joan, myself, Bree, and Jordan, offered prayers of gratitude to be included in the family celebration.  Joan also mentioned her gratitude for health insurance!!!
Larry's great turkey, cooked on the Traeger Grill
Grandma Kopczynski's orange rolls
We didn't even make a dent in the snacks offered before the turkey.
Zippity entertained us off and on throughout the day!
This new kitty is quite comfortable in the middle of Holly's sewing projects.  She's been making blankets for Helping Hands Pet Rescue out of the cutest, warmest flannel possible.
After the great dinner, Larry joined us at Locomotive Park.  Joan had not been there for several years and we both acted like children admiring the lights and listening to the music.  The LED lights really show off the handiwork of hundreds of volunteers.  
We finished off the three days by doing a little Black Friday shopping at Macy's!  The bargains tempted us with warm fleece and pretty sweaters.  Joan should be all set to stay warm with new pi's and fleece jackets.  Larry joined us for breakfast and we continued to share our blessings…  Joan said to me, "I had so much fun at Larry's house…I loved the animals.  The cats are affectionate and the dogs playful and entertaining."  She's already thinking of getting a dog when she retires!  It was a different holiday without my children and grands, but I felt the warmth and affection of my extended family.  God blessed my time with Joan - we rarely spend time together - just the two of us.  We watched a few movies, ate sausage and sauerkraut, and counted our blessings over and over again.

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