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Summer Hiking
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Colin's 9th Birthday

My youngest grandson, Colin, celebrated his 9th birthday last week, but we are celebrating as a family today, with 9 years of having pizza at Fazzari's.  

This is what a 9 year old kid birthday party looks like in 2013
Colin and his buddies competing and or playing Minecraft on six or more computers Duane set up in the basement.

Colin is crazy about Minecraft right now - everything from green characters to green sweatshirts, doubling as a Halloween costume.

Anne has a great story about trying to make Minecraft cake pops!  
Apparently the guests didn't care what they looked like….only that they tasted fabulous.

Colin's involved in a lot of activities and I particularly enjoyed watching him perform at a Moscow Charter School Marimba concert at the Moscow Farmer's Market on a cool October morning.

Colin enjoys the music even more so because his buddies Zachary and Ian also play in the band.

Colin also plays hockey!
I loved watching his game on Saturday - a first for me!  It's kind of like soccer on ice.  Cold!!!

I loved the sweet gifts he bought for me for my birthday!
I've been burning the candle during my prayer time - always praying for him and my other grandchildren.

All three stay connected to technology - phone apps and computer games!

Anne, Duane, and Colin, spent his first birthday in Lewiston and we went to Fazzari's to celebrate.
We've been going back every year since!
 It's always cupcakes for dessert, but this year John added an additional treat of Hershey Bars!
 I passed on my piano books from my childhood, just to keep them in the family.

Colin loves to read and Anne suggests his friends gift him with books!  

The O'Shaughnessy's gave him a cross bow and Duane sent the picture with this note:
Colin is pretty excited about this gift.  He asked me for something he could shoot at and I found this old piece of plexiglass.  He went online and found an image of a target.  We enlarged it to 3x3 sheets of paper and he cut them out, taped them together and is now shooting arrows at it in the basement!

Colin and I did face time on his real birthday.  I asked him if he felt a year older and he said, "well, not really, because I've been getting older every day since my eighth birthday."  He went on to tell me that his mom insisted that he watch the video taken on his birth day nine years ago.  So he took placed the IPAD near their TV set and I could also watch the video.  Tears came to my eyes once again as the miracle of birth enfolded!
Happy Birthday Colin!  I hope you never get tired of hearing the story.

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