Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wonderful smells

I spent two nights last week at the Davenport Hotel, attending a leadership training.  Gratefully, Emeritus covered the cost of the hotel and all the meals.  Everything about this grand hotel is superb - from the valet parking attendants to the coffee servers!  I noticed the fragrance of lilies and roses when we walked through the front doors.  The flower shop, placed strategically near the entrance, greets people and lets the customers experience the beginning of a great experience.  The rooms exude history, comfort, and hospitality.  Every night new packages of soft peanut brittle sit on the bedside table.  Customers can peruse the gift shop and purchase beds, bedding, towels, shampoo, and lotion - all the things that make the sleepover a wonderful experience.

I loved the lotion - found out the fragrance - verbena!  Now I wished I'd have forked over the $20!
Capturing a fragrance and pushing it out over the internet, blog-o-sphere, is not possible - maybe that's a goal for some geek to figure out how to make that happen over smart phones and IPads!
I wish I could take credit for the fragrance wafting from a simple pot on my stove this morning, but alas, I found it on Pintrest. Trust me, the smell overwhelms the house and even when the pot no longer simmers, the fragrance lingers.  It helps that my rosemary plant, on the south side of my house, flourished all winter!  Try it!
"You know that wonderful smell when you walk into Williams Sonoma?  Here’s how to get it:  water, sliced lemon, 3 springs of fresh rosemary and about a teaspoon of vanilla.  Simmer on the stove."

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