Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Holy Saturday

I attended all the Holy Week services this week.  Probably my favorite is the Holy Thursday celebration, especially the washing of the feet, remembering the words of Jesus, "As I have done for you, you must also do...."  The choir at St. Stan's sang this beautiful song during the ceremony.
The words of the song give me cause for reflection on this Saturday and I think of all the ways people wash my feet and love me as Jesus taught.  I've been invited to Connie and Garry's for Easter dinner and decided to make Mom's orange rolls.  All the rolls she made during her life surely was one way she  washed other's feet with this great gift.  The process takes awhile and you really can't hurry it.

So these rolls will nourish a bunch of Kopczynski relatives on Easter and the little pan goes to O'Shaughnessy's who can't join us because Karen is on call at St. Joe's.

Last week, when I was in Moscow for Duane's birthday celebration Colin showed me an Easter card that he received in the mail from my sister, Joan.  I didn't take the time to send him a card and I'm the Grandma!   She also sent one to me and I appreciate the thoughtful gesture - the card fit perfectly with my Easter decor.

I fuss a lot about all the time we spend on the computer, searching, playing games, being distracted from spending quality time with our families, but one thing I love about about this technology is the ability to share pictures!  It's a washing of feet in a way when Jeremy sends a picture of Carter to Marilyn and then she shares it with me!  I hope these young families never forget how much we love to get pictures via the internet, IPhone, or other amazing technical devices.

My friend, Shelley, works so hard as the Religious Education Director for our large parish.  She leads the RCIA program all year and this week culminates nine months of intense labor.  Yet, she found time to write a special note to me, and all her 4th Day Sisters, during the busiest of her weeks.  I'm so touched by her gesture and marvel at how she washes my feet with her kind words.  
I don't think I'm very good at washing other's feet, but today I remembered that John and Karen and Jacob had to travel to Spokane for Jake's first soccer game and I was pretty sure they hadn't taken time to get ready for Easter.  So I colored a few eggs and made a little Easter basket for them.

"The symbolic image of washing feet refers to the ministry that flows out of love," Macrina Wiederkehr says in her book, Seasons of Your Heart.  I've learned that the ministry of love doesn't have to be something spectacular, only thoughtful.  Today I bless the God who so often shows His love to me in
the gorgeous Magnolia Tree in full bloom!
the happy faces of spring pansies
the joy seeing Grace Gaeke chasing bubbles

I agree with Macrina when she says, "we are fragile vessels whose love often gets tired."  We need to be loved over and over again in the beauty of nature, the generous gifts of friends and family so we can "be converted and the healing act of our growth continues."  

Happy Easter - let the washing of feet continue to bless us!

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