Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Bike Ride

T'was a glorious day in Lewiston - 55 degree weather, full sun - just the perfect day for the first bike ride of the year.  I picked up Marcia and my old bike and noticed the tires were really flat.  Luckily that bike has the old-fashioned, traditional tires and tubes that can be pumped up at a gas station.  We found air at Zip Trip, and, although it took us awhile, Marcia and I managed to get air in the tires all by ourselves.  We were only a little late meeting Regina at the Southway Boat Ramp.  Unfortunately, we noticed Regina's back tire was really low on air so we loaded her bike up and headed back to Zip Trip and once again amazed ourselves that we managed to get air into the tires...

Off we went, along the levee, just absolutely enjoying the warm day, the friendly walkers, the birds and ducks, and squeals of children playing on the playground.  Regina and Marcia are my walking friends and we soon learned that bike riding, one behind the other, does not lend itself to much chit chat.  We rode out to the Clearwater Bridge, stopping only once for a water break.  We solved the chit-chat problem by making plans to ride our bikes into downtown Lewiston for lunch and take advantage of one of the unique new bike racks surrounding our soon to be opened Library.

As we were loading up our bikes we heard, "Hi Grandma - what are you doing here?"  Regina's granddaughter, Karlee, and her friend, Bailie Copeland, met for a run and we talked them into taking a picture of all three of us.
I'm feeling so blessed to have such great, health-conscious friends!

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