Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Palouse River Hike

The Lewiston Hiking Club bi-montly hiking season began today with members enjoying a muddy start, but warm weather and lively conversation along the Palouse River near Colfax.  The organizers admit this hike is flat, flat and the perfect hike for early March.  Scott and Carol invited me to ride to Colfax with them and I felt lots of excitement when they told me we'd be picking up Mary Aegerter in Uniontown.  Mary wrote a hiking column for the Tribune in the 1990's and she's the author of the hiking book, "Hike Lewis and Clark's Idaho."

 I've visited her website many times.  She told us about all the hiking trips she's already planned so we felt lucky that she could join us today.  Her stories are fascinating.  She talked about hiking into a trailhead in Oregon just so she wouldn't have to drive a windy, bumpy road.  She mentioned bringing fresh fruit to a young woman who manages a lookout near Lostine, Oregon.  And guess what else she does?  Knits at least 20 pair of socks a year.  As we were driving to Colfax she pulled out her knitting bag.  "I am not good at just sitting," she said.  She knits in the car, at home, around a campfire, sitting by a river, or at a meeting.  I immediately fell in love with this woman!!

Margey,  unknown, Cam, and Mary!

The actual hiking is great exercise and wonderful for the physical body, but I also enjoy the social aspect of these hikes.  I met Joan and Cheresse, both from Oregon, who only became friends after their families moved here.  These women are major gardeners who also can tons of home made salsa each year.  Joan lives in the former Pike home, on a big hillside, and her garden is totally terraced to fit the hillside.  We said over and over again, "what a small world."
Joan and Cheresse

Appreciating the basalt rock formations along the Palouse River

Margey hikes and backpacks with Sue, the daughter of one of my favorite residents, Catherine.  Sue and Margey both recently retired and are finding new life outside work by enjoying many overnight hiking trips.  I have so much to learn from these active women who know how to do retirement.  I'm honestly not so sure about back packing.  I think I'm too old to sleep on the ground.  Other fun facts from these women - they make their own snacks, such as dehydrated yogurt, hummus, and dried apples.  I'm inspired by those who don't eat meat and insist on growing their own food!  I enjoyed everything about the day, including a long nap when I got home.

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