Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Connie

I think Connie's birthday often got buried in the busy preparations for Christmas.  I'm usually busy, barely able to get a Christmas letter sent, much less remembering to send her a card.  It's no different this year - EMail had to do.

Jimmy Boyd's song, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" was popular when Connie was born.

I doubt there was much time for kissing Santa Clause when Mom came home from the hospital to four children under six years old.  I don't remember much about Connie's birth except Dad telling us our new baby sister could be named Constance Susan.  I thought it was a terrible name for a baby until he explained we could call her Connie Sue.

January, 1957

Christmas 1953

January, 1959

There are very few early pictures of Connie alone - I think pictures were precious in those days and everyone available had to be in them!
Except this lovely one!

I love this picture of the six sisters.  The picture was taken by Uncle Ben at my bridal shower in 1965.

We sisters have had a lot of fun over the years and our weekends together continue to mean a lot to us.  We've worked on projects, shared stories, laughed and cried.  Connie's husband, Garry, insists that a Sister's weekend for Connie's 60th year is the best gift ever!  We can't wait to plan it, fuss about it, and then relax and enjoy it.  Since Connie's a part of the planning, I'm sure there'll be no projects planned!




Connie, you bless me with your smile, your joy, and your genuine care and concern for others!
Can't wait to celebrate with you soon and I pray that the six of us can make a decision about our destination quickly!  And, thank you Garry, for the great idea.

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