Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 2012

We didn't have to dream about a White Christmas - it was one at Anne and Duane's after  having snowed about six inches during the day.  

Colin and Jordyn spent the afternoon sledding down the back hill and sled jumping off a big rock in the back yard.   Anne spent the afternoon cooking two pork loin roasts, one in the oven, and the other on the Traeger!  We enjoyed a great dinner before opening gifts with the O'Shaughnessys.

 Anne's Underwarmers!
 John's In-Out Burger T-Shirt
Bradleigh's T-Shirt from Jake says I (greater than) U

Colin and Jake both got Minecraft T-Shirts!

My gift to this sweet family were gift bags with ornaments and Disneyland Passes and this message that I found in one of my Advent reflection books:

"After the last present is wrapped, the last prayer said, and the last child tucked away, a blessed and holy silence rains down and the world holds its collective breath.  It is the coming our Lord Jesus.  His birth was long ago, but still there is something special about this silent night that makes us torn in love to family and friends.  Many Christmas carols sing about love from heaven.  I know that at Christmas, more than any other time, I turn to God and to you with deep feelings of love and gratitude." 
Sometimes it’s hard for me to express in words what I’m feeling in my heart for each of you.  You all bless me with your presence and gifts of time.  I want to bless you with this little gift of time and travel to Disneyland and to tell you I love you."

After presents, we enjoyed a peppermint ice cream dessert that Duane made.  It was even more special this year because he couldn't find the ice cream at Safeway and had to buy it from Baskin-Robbins.  He also made Grandma Wessels Shrimp Cocktail....yummy!!!  

I love to wake up early at their house in Moscow and sit by the windows, with coffee in hand, just waiting for the sunrise.  It was a beautiful Christmas morning because of the snow and I felt grateful for the gift of family and God's gift of His Son.  Colin woke up early enough to enjoy a few more gifts and we all went to Mass at St. Mary's at 9 AM.  It's the first time in many years I've been to Mass on Christmas Day.  For years we went to the Children's Mass at St. Stan's.  

We watched Polar Express and then got bundled up for a little hike at Idler's Rest near Moscow Mountain.  The snow clung to the trees and gave Colin reason to shout for joy!  

 Photo shoot in the snow!!


Anne found her snowshoes so I put those on and walked around their yard so now I'm ready to try it with the Hiking Group. 

It was a Holy Night when Love came down and filled our hearts with peace!

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