Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Volleyball Banquet Project

Bradleigh told me, at my birthday dinner, that she wanted to make a pillow case for each of her volleyball teammates.  Twelve pillowcases in a week????  So Karen and I headed off to Joann Fabrics, took pictures of some possibilities and texted Bradleigh back and forth for about an hour, finally deciding on black and white zebra print, and a splash of red for the accent strip, and black for the cuff.

I cut out the fabrics and ironed the strip and cuffs

Karen pinned the cuff to the main section of the pillowcase.
Bradleigh remembered the lessons learned at a quilting class we took together in 2004.  We made a quilt together for Colin before he was born. This teenager has patience and can sew!  She even gave me two smiles for good memories!  As soon as we finished the sewing she took off for dinner with her friend, Katie.

That left Karen and John to make the oreo cake pops that would eventually turn into "volleyballs."

I folded the finished pillow case into holders for the volleyball cake pops.  

Karen added decorative ribbons
And these volleyball stars, Adrianna and Bradleigh, classmates since kindergarten at St. Stan's, enjoyed the fruits of our labor.  Congratulations CHS 2012 Volleyball Team!

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