Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Reasons to be thankful

Thanksgiving Day, 2012, is dawning and I'm looking forward to spending the day with Duane, Anne, Colin, Joan, and at least eight other adults and ten children.  I could write a long list of things I'm grateful for......  I just don't know where to begin because my heart overflows with gratitude today.

Family.  Even though I live alone I feel surrounded by the spirit of my family, from my parents down to my grandchildren.   Pictures of my grandchildren, children, parents, and extended family fill the space I where I say my prayers and write my blog.

God's creation.  The morning sky is pink and blue.  I can look out all my windows and marvel at the Lewiston hill and the yard where I've planted dogwood trees and geraniums.  Our temperate climate allows permits some annuals to still be blooming at Thanksgiving time.

Music.  I love Pandora radio!  I can listen to my favorites at the click of a mouse.  This morning I'm listening to Bette Middler sing the Rose.  Earlier this week I listened to several Christmas music CDs that Larry made for me and for his clients.

My genes.  I have a lot of older friends who are suffering with a myraid of health issues.  Why am I blessed with good health?  It's truly one big reason to be grateful today.

Technology.  I'm still amazed that I can see pictures of new babies, Colin projects, my sister's trips, my nieces and nephews travels on my computer.  Today I'm even grateful for Facebook!  I saw this sweet picture of Carter Kuhlmann via technology recently.

Faith and Spirituality.  The poet Hafiz says, "We have so many gifts yet unopened from our birth day."  The gifts of the Spirit flow throughout our entire life and God gives us these gifts to share.  Unlike worldly gifts, God's gifts increase and multiply as we share and give them away.  Today the gifts of cooking, sharing, peacemaking will be given away and the world will be a better place.....until the chaos of shopping begins.

Time to get on the road up to Moscow.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Happy Cooking everyone!

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