Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Colin's 8th Birday

Colin started his birthday celebration weeks ago by hosting an ice skating party for his friends.  
Anne and Duane invited me, along with Anne's brother, Tom, and nephew, Liam.  Tom and I kept going outside just to warm up - the ice skating rink is cold!!  Some of Colin's friends play on the Moscow hockey team, but I couldn't believe how well everyone skated.  I love the "walkers" that help the newbies get confident on the ice.  I used my new camera to take this little video, so forgive the cameraperson for going sideways.....

Zachary and Colin

Colin's friend brought home made cards and books and he enjoyed every gift!
Duane made the cupcakes and the frosting to look the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Love the antics of eight year olds!!

Today we attended Jacob's piano recital and then headed over to Fazzari's for pizza.  It's kind of a Colin tradition because he celebrated his first, second, and third birthdays at Fazzaris.

Everyone loved the blue Cookie Monster cupcakes!

Colin is wearing a denim shirt that I embellished with embroidered patriotic images in 1975 when Duane was eight years old.  
Colin received stacks of gifts including Risk, ITunes gift card, Apples to Apples Game, Electronics kits, Science projects, Perry the Platypus pillowcases and lounging pants.  
Duane made a special Minecraft Cake and decorated it with edible fruit rollup figures.  

We ended the day by walking around Locomotive Park and showing off the million lights to Anne's nephew, Liam, who attends the University of Idaho.

Happy eighth Birthday, Colin!
With lots of love from Grandma Theresa

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