Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Things that remind me of my Mom

Today is the 7th anniversary of my Mother's untimely death.  I miss her.  The things that remind me of her today:

Snow tires.  I got snow tires on my car the day she died.  It's time to do it again.

Quilting.  I'm making a little 9-patch quilt with red and white fabric, using a quilt mom made as a pattern to put the squares "on point."

St. James BBQ Beef dinner.  It's today.  Mom and Dad loved to join me for any and all bazaar dinners.    I bought 2# of shelled walnuts and some home-made biscotti from the Country Store.   Mom would always ask me to buy shelled walnuts at the Holy Family Bazaar if she couldn't make it.

Thanksgiving Day.  She was born on Thanksgiving Day, way before it was designated to be celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November.  

Mashed potatoes.  Anne asked me to bring mashed potatoes to the Wessels Thanksgiving celebration.  Mom peeled hundreds of pounds of potatoes in her life.  I liked the way she mashed them in the big Kitchen Aide mixer - adding warm milk and butter.  

150 Years - Our Story.   It's ready to be picked up and I'll have to drive to Cottonwood to pick them up, and Mom won't be available to share the stories.  

The Scripture Readings.  Jesus notices the poor widow who puts two coins in the plate.  The author writes, "I am a poor widow in that I'm incomplete and insecure, inasmuch as I ache over what and whom I have lost."   Today I ache with longing for my Mom.

Container of rubber bands.  I took this from the house and put all the newspaper rubber bands in this container.  Used rubber bands from it recently to make the cake pop holders for Bradleigh's VB banquet.  

Aunt Pauline.  Today is her birthday.  She remembers Larry calling her on her birthday to tell her Mom had died.  

Joe Schmidt.  I saw him at the Veterans parade yesterday.  He really enjoyed visiting with Mom and I gave him one of her scrap quilts after she died.  He'll be 93 next week.

Retirement.  I would enjoy spending time with Mom now that I'm semi-retired.  I would just go to Cottonwood and spend a few days with her quilting or visiting the sick or going to Mass or fixing dinner for someone.  I think she would've been a very young 90-year old.  

The Community Hall.  This was her second kitchen.  She loved cooking dinners here, whether for a funeral or for the entire Cottonwood Credit Union membership.

Baking goodies for others.  I made some pumpkin bars and took them to Locomotive Park yesterday.  My friend Mary Jayne made brownies....

Praying the Rosary.  I'm a volunteer on our parish's Lazarus Committee.  Tuesday this week Marcia and I are leading the rosary for a deceased parishioner.  I think of Mom and all the times she led the rosary without using a "cheat sheet."  

I use this rosary, one that Uncle Henry made out of a rosary bead plant.  

Missing you today, hoping you are saying lots of rosaries for me and everyone in the family!

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  1. I was doing a search for images reflecting the feeling of missing my Mother when I saw the photo of the hands--with a slight bruise--holding a rosary and it reminded me so much of the last time I saw my Mother's hands. It was in January of this year when we took a last look at Mom before they closed the casket and we went across the street to St. John's for her funeral Mass. I had to find out something about the photo, and ended up at your blog. I was very touched by your posts about things that remind you about your Mother. My memories are too fresh right now and they only bring tears. I hope one day that the memories will bring me more joy than sorrow ~ God bless you ~