Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kopczynski Sister's weekend

It's become a tradition, for the surviving daughters of Stan and Bertha, to spend a weekend together, not necessarily to work on projects like we used to.  Mom liked us to be busy and she always had something for us to do, making quilts, Christmas gifts, helping her with decorations for her card parties. When Maureen agreed to spend the weekend with us I told Karen, "We need a project and I have an idea, but let's keep it a surprise."  I loaded up my grandparent's kraut cutter and purchased 80#s of kraut cabbage!

So when Marilyn, Connie, and Maureen arrived they were greeted with huge heads of cabbage ready to be shredded for make Sauerkraut.

It was such a warm afternoon, we did the messy work outside on the patio.

Marilyn made sure all the air was out of the jars!
We ended up with 50 jars of sauerkraut!

Connie and Garry recently enclosed their deck and we sisters were eager to see the hardwood floors, so we took a Saturday excursion out to the Esser farm.  The floors are beautiful and we each gave our opinion about Connie's emotional attachment to Mom's old furniture still sitting in the living room.
Both couches lived in our Mom's living room.  We gave Connie permission to get rid of the love seat and told her to take the afghan off the recliner. 
The view from the new bay windows
This card from John for Connie & Garry's 26th wedding anniversary sat on the dining room table.
A new gas stove will warm this new space and probably the whole first floor!

We girls took a nice walk around Karen's home while Marilyn took her traditional afternoon nap!
Seeing wildlife on the Stubbs property. 

We are so blessed to have each other, and to enjoy the Moscow Mountain wilderness and celebrate our German heritage.  Maureen's presence made the weekend extra special.  She got some special sleep time and we got to hear sweet stories about her brood.  I like the Ryan stories - he's sleeping in a big bed now and has lots of reasons to get up once he's put to bed.  They tried those safety door knobs, but he even figured that out.  And she says, "he's so different from PJ and Grace who stayed put when we put them to bed.  The Gaeke kid stories help take us away from stories about our ailments.

Don't have the pictures to prove it, but we did tell lots of stories of our childhood and teenage years.  Like, when did you first use deodorant?  Who helped you with the feminine hygiene products when you first started your period?  Tampon or pad?  Some of us have keen memories!  Connie can actually pinpoint transformational times in her childhood and conversion-type experiences.  Not me! I can't even remember some of the memorable moments from the sister's weekend.  Except, that the sauerkraut should be ready by Thanksgiving!!!  

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