Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Toss, Donate or Keep?

I'm cleaning and re-organizing my basement storage room, getting ready to add a small freezer, so I took several items of clothing out of a big wardrobe storage box.  Why did I save these lovely dresses?

This is Anne's wedding dress and she asked me if I wanted to keep it.  I said yes then, but now?
The dress on the left came from St. Vincent DePaul.  Bradleigh and I played lots of "wedding" after Paul and Maureen's wedding in 2000.  My sister Karen wants the dress to play dress-up with Kennedy.  Yea!!!

I'd get a basket of dried flower petals and be the flower girl.  She always wanted to be the bride.   I wore the veil for my First Communion in 1954. I'm keeping the veil.

I wore this Gunne Sax dress by Jessica to the World's Fair in Montreal in 1974.  I just "googled" the dress and found 22 pages on Etsy of vintage dresses - some worth $198.  Maybe I'll keep this one!

These are special dresses that Karen wore.  I made the dark blue dress, one for each of us for Christmas 1977.  The Pink dress she wore at Don & Melissa's wedding in June, 1978.  The red gingham was her Christmas dress in 1976.  

Karen and Zeke Johnson, Christmas, 1977

Lots of work, sewing these dressess and shirts, but no reason to keep them!

Karen and Frances Otto at Don and Melissa's wedding in 1978
Karen and "Baby Sweets" Christmas, 1976
These are Karen's high school prom dresses.  I made the blue one on the left - it's going.  I'd hoped Bradleigh might consider wearing the other two - but that't not cool now days so what will I do with them?  Advertise on ETSY?  Perhaps vintage clothing from 1980's sells for something.  
Wow - Karen is gorgeous, but her mom and that Afro hairstyle - what was I thinking?
Karen wore this dress for her Junior Miss program in 1987.  I love the dress and probably can't part with it.  Don't ask me why.....
Maybe because I like to remember how gorgeous she looked and how proud I was of her.  

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