Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bradleigh's VolleyBall Season

Well, it's not over yet, but I heard someone say last night, "only three more games."  The CHS varsity team seems to have a lot of potential this year, but the statistics say otherwise (2-9).  Last year they went  to the State playoffs and those six seniors are in college now.  First or second official practice in August  Bradleigh twisted her ankle and couldn't practice for a week and then couldn't play until she'd participated in 10 official practices.  My sense is she's careful on the court, perhaps favoring her left foot.  She sort of took it in stride, iced her foot, and drove Dad's truck instead of her "stick shift" car.

Karen invited me and Grandma Delores to help host a team dinner last week.   Delores spent hours decorating Karen's home, finding just the right tablecloths, napkins, and black forks.  

Karen made individual lasagnas, bubble bread, I added fruit salad, and Delores made pumpkin bars!  The girls were well fed, but still had room for M&M's.  Karen made these adorable tie-dyed socks to wear during Breast Cancer Awareness events coming up.

Bradleigh and Adriana have known each other since Kindergarten at St. Stan's

A surprise visitor, Nev Dragovic, their summer VB coach, showed up to provide some encouragement!

Karen's been eyeing the stacks and stacks of T-Shirts in Bradleigh's closet for weeks and I suggested that we make a quilt or comfy throw that she could take on the bus or stash in her duffle bag.  I've seen lots of fleece blankets and flannel pillow cases strewn on the floors of cafeterias when these girls define their spot in school gymnasiums for tournament play.  So, Karen and I cut the fronts off 15 T-Shirts, shopped for coordinating fabric and stabilizer, then laid out the design!  We we spread it out over one of my fleece throws to determine the right size.

The finished quilt recalls lots of tournaments, Bantam-Bengal Rivalry and Snake River Volleyball
So last night we draped this quilt over Bradleigh as she tried to explain to us how she hurt her big toe!

Just one way to show Grandma love to my favorite granddaughter!

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