Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Monday, October 22, 2012

I Love the Fall Season

Thirty years ago or so women were paying a professional to do a color analysis of their skin/hair etc to determine the best colors for them to wear.  I so wanted to be a winter because I loved the bright colors, but I turned out to be a fall!  How devastated I was!  This little color wheel told me what colors I should wear - or at least those that would look best on me.
But now, in my wisdom years, I know the fall season is my favorite.   I have a fall birthday, the fall colors look good on me, and I love the colors of fall in nature - the leaves, the pumpkins, the chyrsanthymums.  Those are all good reasons for loving the fall season.
The Virginia creeper turns bright orange and red

The Dogwood leaves are a deep red, almost burgundy color

I always like to use a pumpkin as a planter and fill it with ornamental cabbage and orange violas.

My Mom's scarecrow gets ready for the fall picture with the Grandkids.  I think he looks a little lonely sitting there all by himself.  

Sometimes the jack O'Lanterns look out of place next to the still blooming summer flowers!

The last rose of summer!  My roses get way too hot in the summer, but they are gorgeous in the fall.

The inside of my house takes on a fall transformation as well!

And another great thing about fall is our celebration of Thanksgiving and a a time to count our blessings.  Perhaps the shorter days with cooler weather give me a time for more reflection and opportunities to be grateful.  

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