Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend with the Kuhlmanns

Marilyn invited me to Spokane for the weekend to celebrate Jeremy and Amanda's baby boy to be with the Kuhlmann family.  The guys played golf and the girls got to have breakfast at the Rocket Bakery, shop downtown, and have lunch at Madeleine's.  Amanda and her mom, Susan, helped me pick out dress for the SGA reunion in a couple weeks while Marilyn took her traditional weekend nap.  At 5 o'clock we gathered at Comstock Park for a meal and baby shower celebration.
Judy's special ribbons and blankets

Baby Boy due Sept 25

Dan grilled hot dogs and brats, the women visited, and the men played Yard Darts.  We appreciated the shade and the cooler weather.  Marilyn told us they usually celebrated Jeremy's birthday (July 5) with family gatherings at Comstock Park.  Back in those days they still had the wading pool to cool the kids off.  Don and Dena and John and Cathy Porter joined the Kuhlmann family for this special celebration.  There were several special moments during the gift opening.  Marilyn wrapped up Jeremy's baby book and a mystery package for Amanda to open at the same time.  She loved telling the story of finding the exact same baby book at a yard sale recently and to top it off Susan said she bought the same book when Amanda was born!
If you look close enough you'll see the tears in Amanda's eyes!

Cathy Porter's little Converse shoes were a big hit!
Every couple has special nicknames for their sweethearts and Jeremy and Amanda often call each other "Thing."  Cathy found these shirts at a speciality shop in Florida.  Jeremy's holding a Thing 3 shirt that is not really noticeable in this picture!

Marilyn, the expert shopper, found this Precious Moments figurine at a sidewalk sale at the Owl Southway Pharmacy several years ago when we were together in Lewiston.  She's been saving it all these years.  The figurine is a father helping a son learn the golf swing and the caption is "You always stand behind me."  A perfect motto for this new father to be.

Jeremy spent Sunday morning ensuring family pictures were taken at Cannon Hill Park.  The Kuhlmann kids walked to the park in years gone by and spent many hours over there playing with other neighborhood kids.  Jeremy made sure every little group got special pictures taken.  I was touched by the way they included both Susan's and me in the pictures!

Justin, Isaiah, Raya, and her mom, Susan

The Kuhlmann's (Jeremy hopes to photshop Karlee into the picture)
Amanda and Susan.  I think by this time we'd all given Susan our opinion about her Grandma name.  We helped by searching the Internet for trendy grandma names.  He will be her first grandchild.  Baby Boy Kuhlmann might have a different idea, but we liked Granzie and Nona. 

When the kids began to pack the car I wondered
where they would put all the new clothes, blankets,  boppies,
and toys.  The baby and parents not only got blessed with
lots of gifts, but also prayers and best wishes for lots of sleep
between now and the end of September! I'm honored to be part of
the whole village it'll take to raise this precious child. 

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