Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Bradleigh's birthday

My granddaughter, Bradleigh, is Sweet 16 today.  Sixteen years ago John came out to the waiting room with her and said, "she has red hair and can't be named Jennifer - we'll have to come up with a different name."  When he told us her name would be Bradleigh Susanne O'Shaughnessy Karen said, "Oh, John, she's going to hate you when she's in Kindergarten because that is a long name and a lot of letters to learn to spell."  She was named after John's best man, Brad Kime, and Karen's maid of honor, Jennifer Susanne Uhlorn.

My life changed dramatically when she was born.  I remember my brother Don saying to me, "I can't believe how googely-eyed you are over that baby."  Well he's a grandpa now and I've seen that same look in his eyes when Peyton runs to his arms.

"My grandma thinks I'm the most beautiful baby in the world. "  The caption I wrote in her scrapbook.

I treasure our annual together pictures!  It means so much to me that she endures this picture taking time.



Grandma Delores found this great key chain for her and attached a bunch of old keys and told a great story to go with it.  "One day Bradleigh said to me, 'Grandma I hope you are not going to walk into school with all those keys because someone will think you are the janitor.'"

Riley and Bradleigh

Colin picked out a another key chain and Duane gave her some black dice for her 1992 Honda Accord, which she'll be able to drive all by herself on Tuesday when she gets her license!  She's already passed both the written and driving tests.  I think Bradleigh will be a great driver and I'll let her drive anytime she's with me - she laughed at the way I drove in Denver!!

When I was a teenager the Crests had a popular song called, "Sixteen Candles"

The song became the inspiration for my gift to Bradleigh.  I baked a small cake and rolled 16 $10 bills up in pink and black scrapbooking paper and insisted that she listen to the song on my IPAD.  It was better than trying to sing it myself.  I wrote a little poem to go with the gift and I hope that all those wishes I have for her will someday come true.

Happy birthday, happy birthday, Bradleigh 
Oh, I love you so 
Sixteen candles make a lovely light 
But not as bright as your eyes tonight 
Blow out the candles 
Make your wish come true 
For I'll be wishing sixteen things for you, That 

You never have to wear braces again
You always have gas money to go to your favorite places
Your brother becomes one of your best friends
You discover how smart your parents are
You take time to be with your grandmas when they are old
You keep a song in your heart and continue to play the piano
You laugh often and much and win the affection of children
You reach out to the less fortunate in our society
You are fine wearing sweatshirts and your closet can hold all your shoes
You honor and respect God’s creation
You get to go back to Disneyland and on to New York City,
Norway, and Australia
Your family appreciates your expert cooking abilities
You will always enjoy watching the Sound of Music
You are the most outstanding Volleyball Setter in the State
You can always find cinnamon rolls
God blesses you with peace, love, and respect of others

You're only sixteen 
But you're my teenage beauty queen 
You're the prettiest 
Loveliest granddaughter I've ever seen 
Sixteen candles in my heart will glow 
For ever and ever for I love you so

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