Summer Hiking

Summer Hiking
Mt. Constitution

Friday, July 6, 2012

Other things I noticed at the reunion

I've learned how to be a little more observant when I think about taking pictures and writing on my blog.  At my age I need all the help I can get to remember special moments.  Just wanted to recall a few more precious memories...

The lovely view from the Johnson cabin.

Grace and Sharlie the Sea Monster

Upside down fun in the hammock
AnnMarie surfing behind the boat
Playing Foosball with Uncle Allan
Uncle Garry relaxing

Karen and Dale, our hiking leaders

Mr. Fox enjoying his breakfast near Meadow House

PJ's art work

Jake playing Yard Jarts
Everyone took turns working on the mosaic

Kennedy getting ready to play Stomp Rockets with the big kids

Listening to Gus's stories

Levi enjoying the Kayak

Waiting for news of David Kopczynski's Ironman Competition.

Bertha's favorite family meal - Chicken and Noodles, Sauerkraut and spare ribs, Broccoli Salad

We missed Larry and his sweet family and prayed for all of them as they made plans for Holly's mom's funeral.  Margie inspired us all with her devotion to her kids and grandkids.  Our hearts feel so empty without her.  

The finished mosaic project

This is what happens when you leave a  car window open and have banana bread on the back seat of your car.  Dale examined the footprints and decided it was a raccoon!  Mr. Racoon also chewed through the Red Licorice container and got into several boxes of food stored on the Johnson porch!

I always get a little choked up when I begin leaving the Camas Prairie and head down the Winchester hill.  I usually notice the pink flowers that are still in the highway marker that Garry made in honor of our Mother who died on that highway.   I thought as I drove by that Mom would've enjoyed the week in McCall and I think she would've been proud of us - the way we organized the food, the time we took to visit and enjoy each other, and the effort we all made to be there.    Tears flowed as I thought about my Mom and how her devotion to all 10 of us continues to affect us even though she's been gone for almost seven years.  I hope her memory never fades, but remains strong into the next generations.  Perhaps we'll enjoy Kennedy's version of Mom's chicken and noodles someday and who knows what ingredients she might add to the mix?

 Thank you, Zeke and AnnMarie, for hosting our group and honoring the memory of Mom & Dad.

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